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Welcome to Bill’s little spot on the Internets  This site contains information regarding my travels though this wonderful world of ours.  I will be writing about Clouds, Private BIM Clouds and Hyper-V to be precise. I will also share my new adventures in Cars, I have just started down the road of Austin Healey Sprite fixing and restoration hopefully some of this information will be helpful or at least entertaining.  Oh and we cannot forget my other passion Cameras, I will be talking about Nikons, Lightroom, and iPhones.  So, click away and enjoy


Building Private BIM Clouds at BIM9 is my day job.  In this section you will read about my experiences deploying Private BIM Clouds all over the world.


I just started to restore a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite.  Boy do I have a lot to learn about fixing cars.  But its fun and most of the time relaxing.


At one time, I was trying to be a professional photographer.  Then I figured out that I could not make a living taking or selling photos.  Now I am just enjoying photography and sharing my experiences.

History of My Web Adventures:

I bet you are wondering why I choose the name CloudsCarsCameras. Well they are three things that interest me and as we know, everything comes in threes.  Before started I had a few of different spots on the internet for the stuff I did; I had a blog for cameras, a blog for cloud stuff, and a spot to put my car stuff  It all began to be fragmented and only one was really mine,  As you may have already discovered when things are fragmented, you start fall behind in one or all them.  I decided that if I was going to make something great, get my name out there, and create some buzz.  I needed to get my poo together, literally.  CloudsCarsCameras is my latest and greatest blog, space whatever you call it, and I am sure you are going to find it great.


I am using this place on the Internet to learn as well.  I need to learn how to write better, and that will come with more writing.  I need also learn more about SEO or search engine optimization. I have also decided to take some advice I learned on the podcast Back2Work; this is create your content first worry about the look later.  (If someone can let me know the episode of Back2Work Merlin talks about that please let me know.)  I am trying to take that advice to heart; after all, I hope you are here for the content.

You may also notice that some of my posts are dated before was created. What I decided to do was to consolidate my entire web content here.  Putting it in one spot keeps me more focused on writing and keeps this site up to date.