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First highway ride.

It may seem weird that I would be posting about my first highway ride in the Sprite, or high speed trials if you will. But when you have little experience working on cars, and learning more each day. It’s a

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How I saved my bluetooth headset from water damage.

I did the unthinkable, well maybe it is thinkable, I forgot my Bose bluetooth headset in my jeans and ran it though the washer.  After receiving a what tech’s call water damage I have determined that Bose bluetooth headsets no

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Micro Review: Revit LT 2013, is it right for me?

Autodesk introduced Revit LT 2013 today, I bet you are wondering “Is Revit LT right for me?” Let’s try to answer that with another Micro Review. First is cost, A new seat of Autodesk Revit LT is ,200.00 or ,500.00

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