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First Roadside repair on the Sprite today.

Took the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite out for a drive today, the last time I drove the Sprite the idle was too high after driving for a bit.  So I decided to take it out to just to see if

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How to Restart a Windows Virtual Workstation

Why would you need to restart a Windows Virtual Workstation, hey it’s still windows.  Just like any normal Microsoft Windows computer you need to restart it every now and then.  The main cause of issues that require a restart is

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BIM Clouds hey, what’s it really good for

If you answered “Absolutely nothing” I would have to disagree with you. Most posts about I read on the internets about BIM Clouds, or in this case Private BIM Cloud computing, talk about the technology and how much money, if

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Windows 8 and Autodesk Software.

I wanted to bring everyone up on the status of Windows 8 and Autodesk software.  As you know Windows 8 is new, and with anything new there is change.  Windows 8 is a big change for Microsoft, with Windows 8

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What is a Private BIM Cloud?

As I am sure most people know I am one of the co-founders of BIM9. What you may not know is how and why BIM9 came about. Both Lonnie Cumpton (the other co-founder) and myself worked at a design firm

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