A New Adventure, Mamyia RB67 Pro S

I have just entered a new world for me..  film.  Yes, film I have never taken photos with a film camera that was not a point and shoot before.  Now things are a changing.  I just invested in a used Mamyia RB67 Pro S camera from Adorama.

My first adventure was last weekend at a studio workshop, then later my friend Garret and I went a took photos out in the wild. I had with me my trusty RB67, a iPhone and a Nikon D700.   I used an app on the iphone called light meter here is a link.  This little app worked quite well as a spot meter.  I used the Nikon D700 to learn HDR portraiture.

Here is one of my first photos taken with my RB67 using ilford delta 100 film.



Window into Film

Needless to say I will be out and taking photos again, but this time I will be slowing down.  With film you must plan your photo, not just take a photo or 10 to see which one is best.  You must look at the scene, plan your exposure, look some more. You must find the best light the best angle.  It’s very different approach than with digital. Oh and you can’t look at the back of the camera to see if you got it right.

Today I will be headed out on a landscape adventure at Red Rock Canyon. I have been there many times before, this time will be different because I will be studying and taking time to photograph only 10 somethings worth photographing.

Bill Debevc

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