Bill’s Extended Mulligan Golf Rules

There has always been a fierce controversy on the golf course about the Mulligan rule, and how many times you can play it.  Well it may be really documented quite well, but who cares. I have come up with three variations on the good old Mulligan.

  1. Golf Ball in pocket:

    1. As long as you have a golf ball in your pocket you can hit another.
    2. Only one pocket can be used.
    3. You may only refill your pocket after the hole, but before the first tee off of the next hole.
    4. You may pay the “new” ball on any stroke, except putting.
    5. You must play your last hit, not your best.
  2. Golf Ball in bag:

    1. A large bag of recycled golf balls are required (48 balls recommend, if you plan of getting very drunk the 96 is allowed)
    2. Only one bag per cart.
    3. Partner may though you another ball from cart, if you drop of miss ball it is considered a bad hit and must remain where it lays.
    4. You must leave the ball you did not play where it lays and you may not place it back in the bag; you may not pick it up. The ball is lost. (Grounds keepers love this part)
    5. You may play a “new” ball on any stroke, except putting.
    6. If you run out of balls in your bag, you must play the last ball until the end of the round. Lost ball cannot be replaced.
    7. If you loose you last ball, you become drink bitch for the remainder of the round. There may be more that one drink bitch.
  3. Two Golf Ball:

    1. You play with two golf balls one in pocket.
    2. You can only replace your second ball after everyone is down to one ball. Then everyone gets a second ball.
    3. Proof of second ball must be shown before first tee off. First player on tee must announce, “Show me your balls” before hitting.
    4. If you can replace your second ball, it must directly after “showing your balls”, but before your first hit.
    5. If anyone looses both of their balls, everyone get to replace their second ball.
    6. You must play your last hit; you may not play best of two.
    7. You may play your second ball on any stroke, except putting.

Please play responsibility, and don’t crash the cart.

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