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Migrating a Aperture Library to Lightroom 5

I decided to migrate my entire Austin Healey Car library over to Lightroom 5. The first step was to export all “my picks” as PSD files, that way I at least had an edited version.  I bet at first you

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Uncle!!! I am switching to Lightroom 5 from Aperture 3.

After many years of using Aperture, I decided to switch to Lightroom.  Switching is not an easy thing to do.  I have been happily using Aperture from version 1.  In fact, I have switched once before and switch back.  But

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The iPhone HDR app that I use.

I haven’t been taking by Nikon’s with me for quite some time.  I don’t know if its because they are too large to pack, or I am just lazy.  Maybe its because I have been happy with my iPhone 4s

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Bill’s Extended Mulligan Golf Rules

There has always been a fierce controversy on the golf course about the Mulligan rule, and how many times you can play it.  Well it may be really documented quite well, but who cares. I have come up with three

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How To Scanning 120 negatives with a Canoscan 9000f

After investing in a Mamiya RB67 Pro S camera, I needed a scanner.   I went on the  internets comparing the Canoscan 9000f to the Epson V700. After reading all the reviews and looking at the sample images, I could

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How I Customized my Nikon 700

I have not customized my Nikon camera that much, but the settings that I did change have really helped with my photography. Here is a list of the changes I have made in my camera. You can tell what changes

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A New Adventure, Mamyia RB67 Pro S

I have just entered a new world for me..  film.  Yes, film I have never taken photos with a film camera that was not a point and shoot before.  Now things are a changing.  I just invested in a used

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What should format should I use RAW or JPG?

RAW vs JPG? Good golly there’s a lot of stuff on the web talking about what to shoot. You have people that shoot either one exclusively, shoot both all the time, mix-and-match and people who just don’t care or don’t

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Nikki Mango

I had the honor and privilege to photograph one of the upcoming stars in the modeling industry this past weekend, Nikki Mango.   I was excited to photograph for a couple reasons, first I was shooting a model again, and

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Nikon D3100 Digital Field Guide Review.

J Dennis Thomas _JDT0505 is a trusted voice on flickr answering questions that photographers have about using their cameras, as well as a darn good photographer. Nikon D3100 Field Guide, published by Wiley Publishing, Inc, and is his 11th book. At first I

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