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Time to finally finish the front break job by replacing the rotor on the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite. I did not want to replace the rotor because I was afraid that the front bearing would explode on me when I removed the hub. Well when I had to replace the swivel axel on the drivers side because of the broken bolt and did not run in to any issues. I decided that removing the hub was not as bad as I read.

When I removed the hub today on the passengers side, the rear bearing was toast. The bearing came apart and now what was going to be a couple hour job replacing the rotor is now a multi-weekend project as I need to order a replacement bearings and seal. The hard part is figuring out how to remove the rest of the bearing from the axel without causing more harm.

Austin Healey Sprite front axel with bearing attached

Austin Healey Sprite front axel with bearing attached

Possible actions:

  • Chisel the thing off.
  • Use a drimmel cut off wheel and try to cut the bearing almost to the axel and then break it off.
  • Use the spare axel I have. This will be the last resort, even though it would be the easiest. But I would not learn anything, or get experience should I need to get something off I don’t have a spare of.

I went with the cold chisel method first. So to Lowes I go to get a chisel, yea I don’t have one get over it. I also picked up a 15/16th socket to put the axel nut back on. I did I not want to use the crescent again as I did I not want to damage it further. I kept the rubber o ring thing that came with it on so I could use them later if I wanted to protect something, it might be a good idea later. A few light taps later the bearing race came off the axel. I had to use the chisel alternating sides as I went to get the thing off.

I guess thats what I get for thinking it was going to be a easy job.

Now I can order the replacement carb springs and the other things I need for my trunk kit.


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