The iPhone HDR app that I use.

I haven’t been taking by Nikon’s with me for quite some time.  I don’t know if its because they are too large to pack, or I am just lazy.  Maybe its because I have been happy with my iPhone 4s camera, and the apps are fun too.

I have had an iPhone starting with day one,  yes I am one of the few lucky ones that stood in line all day to get one of the very first iPhones at the Apple Store.  I have had every version of iPhone all the way up to the iPhone 5.  I just picked my iPhone 5 Friday Nov 16, 2012 and have not had much time to play with it.  So this post is written using images I captured using my iPhone 4s during my last trip to Honolulu. One of the first apps that wanted to get was a great HDR app.  I have tried a bunch and found that TrueHDR is my HDR photo app of choice. It gives me the results and control that I want in a HDR app. Its easy to use because it only does HDR, nothing less and nothing more.

Back story of why I decided to write this post.  I as looking for something to do on my first day in Honolulu. I was tired from the plane ride, but I did not want to waste my day off.  You see I mainly travel to Honolulu on business. When you travel to Honolulu on business you work, not much time for play.  Anyway I noticed a Hot Rod group having a gathering in the park so I decided to head out at take a look at the cars.  While there I decided to take photos of the cars. Then it dawned on me that I could write a blog post about photo apps. Here is what I discovered.

The very unscientific tests were done with great care making sure that I did change multiple items for each photo, that way I don’t know what fixed it. I also took the photos in the afternoon sun, and yes it was HOT out there. Now lets look at the results.

This first photo showing this fantastic hot rod taken with the standard photo application with the iPhone 4s. Notice how it is over exposed, I did try to pick on the screen in different areas to adjust the exposure, but that made it too dark. Besides most people don’t know you can pick different parts of the screen to change focus and exposure.

Basic Image From iPhone4s

This fantastic photo was taken with HDR turned on in the standard photo application. Over all it does a great job, but you don’t have the editing features that TrueHDR has.
Basic HDR iPhone 4s

Here is the same car at the same time of day, taken at a different angle and using the TrueHDR app (notice I changed two things, I did this because I’m stupid) . I used the SemiAuto Capture mode to capture this image. I also played with the finished photo within the app chaining the saturation, and color balance.
True HDR Image 4s

Using TrueHDR is a snap, pardon the pun. The apps start screen is straight forward, it asks you Auto, SemiAuto or Manual Capture mode. 99% of the time I use SemiAuto capture mode. SemiAuto model shows you the seen here you pick the bright and the dark spot, then make sure your scene is composed and take the photo.

After you take the photo you are presented with the editing screen, after it aligns and merges your photos together. Here you can adjust Warmth, Contrast, Saturation and brightness to your liking.  There are also presets you can play with. That’s all there is too it.

Here is another photo that I took hand held with the TrueHDR app.

Ala Moana Park Beach True HDR

Ala Moana Park Beach True HDR

There are a bunch, too many, photos apps to choose from out there in the app store.  I have tried a few of them including Camera+ and I still come back to TrueHDR it does what I want it to do and works in most every scene that I have tried it with.  I have started to use iPhoto for the iPhone and iPad to edit my photos after the taking them.  So now the combination of the two apps, I do what I want to do in the field, or in the iDevice.

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