Off to Paint

Off to Paint.Well I am off to paint!   After almost a year of fixing things I decided to get the little car painted.  I thought long and hard about when to paint the car, and if you know anything about me I am not one that thinks about something too long.  I like to just get it done and over with, sometimes with less that desirable results, but most of the time with great results; some call it luck.  After much thinking I decided to get the thing painted and not painted as a show piece.  There are just too many other things not “correct” to win a concourse at a show.  So the best corse of action is to get the thing drivable, and presentable.

I first thought that using the paint that came with the car would be the cheapest, but as it turned out ChromaBase paint requires hardener and clear coat to really make it work. The quotes I received were twice my budget, and that would not fly.  So I decided on going with Maaco for my paint.   You may think “Maaco are you crazy?”  yes and no.  Bob at Macco in Las Vegas seem to be the most knowledgeable and cared the most about my little car when I got the estimate.  That is why I decided on Maaco, it was not price as they were right in the middle of the estimates. It all came down to a feeling of trust.

Where did the car go?


I could not help myself by assembling the parts I removed from the car in the garage and take a photo.  But none the less its time to start clean and polishing chrome and aluminum.

Stayed tuned for the results of the paint job.

Oh one last item.  Don’t do the 6′ x 12′ Uhaul trailer to tow your Austin Healey Sprite to the paint place.  It just fits and I took off some of the old paint loading it on to the trailer. The only saving grace was I was headed to the paint place, and they could fix it.  So my estimate just went up.   Needless to day I will be using a tow service for the extra $10.00 to get the car from the paint place.  I just got another point in the DPO column.


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