Replacing the turn indicator switch

Working on the turn indicator switch on the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite today.  I know I sounds like a broken record when I type out 1967 Austin Healey Sprite, but if I don’t then the search engine will not pick up all the information.    I picked on up from ebay, hoping it would work.  Well it seems to work, I have tested the wiring an its all connects and beeps the meter so at least I know the thing works.  I you are looking for a new one you can get it from Moss Motors.

I got it mounted, but after a few months of the thing off, I had forgotten how the it went on.  I forgot how the horn switch connects so here is a photo of how the connection works.

1967 Austin Healey Sprite Horn Connection

1967 Austin Healey Sprite Horn Connection

Notice how the horn brush connects to the steering column, I also needed to clean up the brash on the steering column to get the connection to work.  It is still a little dirty in some spots that that will work its way clean over time.    The hardest part of the job it putting the bottom cover on, it is a tight fit.

Now to figure out why the right turn flasher will not work,  it must be low on turn signal  fluid.

Update: Feb 10, 2013

Fixed the right turn signals!   It was an easy enough fix, the rear bulb has a ton, well way too much anyway, electrical grease in it. I cleaned out the grease then went to check the front bulb.  The front bulb was not even in its holder, I think it may be the wrong bulb because it was a very tight fit to get it in there.   But after fixing both issues the signal started working again.


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