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Nikon D3100 Digital Field Guide Review.

J Dennis Thomas _JDT0505 is a trusted voice on flickr answering questions that photographers have about using their cameras, as well as a darn good photographer. Nikon D3100 Field Guide, published by Wiley Publishing, Inc, and is his 11th book. At first I

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To Keyword or not to keyword

To keyword or not to keyword, that is the question.  The answer to this looming question is “it depends.”  Personally I don’t keyword because I don’t have the discipline, or have found a need to keyword.  So why am I

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Cadillac Ranch

Back in July of 2008 by BokehBrother Chris and I drove from South Florida back to Vegas.  The trip was fun and exciting, we stopped to see some great stuff, and wished we could have stopped at other places. One

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Are you Prepared for a Disaster?

Its not IF a disaster strikes its WHEN. Remember that electronic equipment is nothing more that dirt, oil, electricity, and bunch of human ingenuity. What could possibly go wrong? Disasters are not limited to computers they can happen anywhere or

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Night Road trip to Rhyolite Nevada

Back in August of 2009 shortly after reading Joe McNally book, The Hot Shoe Diaries, I was armed and ready to capture a fantastic photo. I decide to head to Rhyolite, NV and take some night photos. For those of

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