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Splitting PDF documents with Bluebeam Revu.

I hope you knew that Bluebeam Revu could combine multiple PDF documents into one multipage document with ease.  Did you know that it could also split a multipage document into individual PDF files as well?  Did you also know that

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7 Tips to better E-Learning

E-Learning has been around for a while, but it is becoming more and more popular with the advent of broadband Internet.  Today we stream HD video to our computers and even our phone without even thinking about it. I believe

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Missing Bluebeam Plugins in Revit or AutoCAD

If you install Revit, AutoCAD or Navisworks after installing Bluebeam Revu, your plug-ins will not be installed or some say missing. The reason this happens is because Bluebeam Revu installs the plug-ins during its installation, not during the installation of

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Revit Workstation Cleanup

I received a call today from a client who has been using a BIM9 Private BIM Cloud for a couple years today; they needed help getting some hard drive space back.  I did the normal local file clean up and

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Using Bluebeam Revu to assist in upgrading a Revit Project

With a new release of Revit every year, it makes it increasingly difficult not upgrade an active Revit project.  What makes it even more difficult is the uncertainty when Revit upgrades your project.  Are all my objects there?  Is everything

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Troubleshooting Autodesk License Manager

Autodesk License Manager is not too troublesome to install and to make work, it either works or it doesn’t. When is doesn’t work there are a few things that you can check. Here is a list of basic things that

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Windows 8 and Autodesk Software.

I wanted to bring everyone up on the status of Windows 8 and Autodesk software.  As you know Windows 8 is new, and with anything new there is change.  Windows 8 is a big change for Microsoft, with Windows 8

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What is a Private BIM Cloud?

As I am sure most people know I am one of the co-founders of BIM9. What you may not know is how and why BIM9 came about. Both Lonnie Cumpton (the other co-founder) and myself worked at a design firm

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RDP options for OS X

There are a few different options for connecting to Windows Remote Desktop from your Mac.  Many are free of charge; some cost a little bit on money.  Lets take a look at a few of the popular options and discuss

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Micro Review: Revit LT 2013, is it right for me?

Autodesk introduced Revit LT 2013 today, I bet you are wondering “Is Revit LT right for me?” Let’s try to answer that with another Micro Review. First is cost, A new seat of Autodesk Revit LT is ,200.00 or ,500.00

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