Uncle!!! I am switching to Lightroom 5 from Aperture 3.

After many years of using Aperture, I decided to switch to Lightroom.  Switching is not an easy thing to do.  I have been happily using Aperture from version 1.  In fact, I have switched once before and switch back.  But this time its different, the nails in the coffin are the following:

  • No new versions from Apple, and no word from Apple either.
  • I have an Austin Healey Sprite that I painted bright red.  Bright red cars had a crap load of noise; Lightroom’s noise reduction is the bomb.
  • Clarity, works better then highlight and shadows.
  • Better Photoshop integration, like open multiple photos in layers and photo merge

What I will miss about Aperture:

  • Faces, but I have that in iPhoto.
  • The clean interface.
  • Vaults.
  • Easy integration with iCloud.

Now comes the time to migrate my photos to Lightroom.  I am not a fan of day forward. Day forward is “Starting today all my new photos will be in lightroom” in a deep voice. I prefer migrating my current projects and used catalogs to lightroom.  I don’t want to look back and if I need a photo I don’t want to change from “Lightroom Mode” to “Aperture Mode.”

Here are some bullet points to take in account when switching:

  • There is no conversion process, you will loose all your aperture image edits.  What you can do is export your “Selects” to PSD from Aperture and at least get the finished product into Lightroom.
  • You will need a bunch of hard drive space, so get over it and go get some 2TB drives.  Remember if you screw this up and delete photos, you can’t recreate them.
  • Be prepared to learn a new way to doing things and a new way to thinking.
  • I know there will be things I don’t like about Lightroom, but I am mostly an adult and should be able to cope.
  • Be ready to spend some time with the migration.   Don’t think you can get this done right before a deadline, because you won’t.

So here goes nothing…..

I will keep posting with my findings and discoveries.

1967 Austin Healey Sprite

Here is my Austin Healey Sprite edited in Lightroom. The image that made me say “Time to switch!”

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